“ Women today are losing their vital force. Even their posture says, ‘I don’t feel great anymore. ‘ We help them to get back to the joy of living fully.”

~ Ajuntha Anwari (
Medicine Woman)


Medicine Woman Asia is a wellness site offering workshops and guidance on how to make your own plant medicines and jamu tonics.

We advocate using  plant based nutrition as food and medicine.

We guide, support and teach you how to begin a basic practice of incorporating some powerful natural plant based remedies into your daily life as protection from disease and nutrition for health.

Learn the Basics

Get Healthy Naturally. 



Discuss your needs with plant medicine therapist Nazli who will create a plant based health plan that is customized to your immediate requirements. 

 Plant Medicine Healing is a plant based nutrition therapy that combines the therapeutic properties of plant remedies of Jamu, Juicing and Raw Salads.