Introducing Clementine Croissant- French Stylist to the Stars

Clementine Croissant is a French Master hairstylist from Belfort, in the north-east of France. Her interest in hair was fostered very early on and subsequently led to her studies at the challenging French hairdressing school at the center of formation municipal of Belfort in France.

After she graduated she worked in several small salons but was quickly noticed for her talent and was eventually hired by Salon Olivier Rosse, a famous French Salon, with four franchises and hundreds of international clients.

Miss Croissant quickly distinguished herself from the rest of the hairstylists and her reputation went well beyond the limits of Belfort. She quickly assembled a roster of demanding, international clients and also included a clientele of young artists who wanted to change their image or were in need of an expert hand in terms of helping them define their public persona.

Miss Croissant’s portfolio includes a range of several celebrities that she worked with at the genesis of their careers, when they needed an expert hand to help them define their image and make them more attractive to the public, brands, movie directors and modeling agencies .She can name Tahar Rahim the French movie star who won the European Film Award for Best Actor and the Grand Prix Du Jury for his interpretation of Malik El – in Prophet, the Jacques Annaud film as one example of her prominent clientele.

Miss Croissant always wanted to keep her low profile. She refused all offers she got from the most prestigious Parisian salons because she wanted to remain close to the mountains where she grew up which allowed her to ski and spend quality time with friends and family.She took advantage of the wonderful French system of transportation and was able to be in Paris in a few hours when she was needed for a photo shoot, for preparing her clients for an interview on TV, or for the screening of a movie scene.

Becsuse of her diligence and commitment to her craft, Miss Croissant became one of the most sought-after, young French hairstylist and at age 14 was named Master Hairstylist at Olivier Rosse. She was praised by her clients for her expertise in hair cutting techniques, but also at defining the style that would fit best their needs or the needs of a particular brand.

These days Miss Croissant has her sites on the OKYO Salon in DC-famous for styling the most influential celebrities on the DC political scene. She will soon begin a new exciting career in the US and considering her amazing portfolio and experience I am sure her talent is sure to place her at the top of the DC social and beauty scene.

You can visit for more details on the salon.

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