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Ajuntha Anwari

is your Guide. For over 35 years Ajuntha has worked with plants as horticulturist, garden designer and plant medicine therapist.

Ajuntha has been teaching and counselling individuals and facilitating workshops showing people practical and natural ways to improve health through the practice of jamu, juicing and healthy eating.

Ajuntha presents workshops at Community Clubs and is a certified People’s Association Trainer. She also speaks and promotes the benefits of whole food plant-based nutrition at business corporations and private clubs. She has appeared in numerous media and publications. She was a consultant director in Media Corps production ‘ Bare Beauty’ and is featured in Toggle’s Lifestyle series “ Raw Deal”.


“My work is to get the message across to people that plants have the potential to prevent and protect us from disease. Making plant remedies and delicious foods from the earth is a beautiful project towards a better quality of life for humanity, animals and the earth.”



1.      Certificate in Plant-Based Nutrition- T Colin Campbell Foundation and eCornell

2.      Specialist Diploma In Health Promotion- Nanyang Polytechnic Singapore

3.      Diploma in Thai Massage and Teacher’s Certification – International Thai Massage School Chiang Mai

4.      Diploma in Physiology and Anatomy -ITEC UK

5.      Certificate in Aromatherapy and Massage - Shirley Price College UK

6.      Diploma in Horticulture and Garden Design- Singapore Botanic Gardens