Wellness & Weight-loss

Sustainable good health for the rest of life


"Loosing weight is a gradual process when done in tune with the body's processes. By this I mean, that one respects the body's many systems , its division and use  of energy and how it can work for you to your great advantage. Start by cleaning out toxic waste from the gastrointestinal tract and blood, protect with powerful plant based tonics and teas and nourish with life enhancing fresh plant based foods". 

Ajuntha Anwari








A one ( 1 ) month programme of personal guiding that includes 3 half day workshops  and weekly  guiding on skype or email.

The Goal

1. To clean, protect and nourish the body

2. To facilitate sustained weight loss for life.

The Workshops

The workshops are working sessions where you will learn about the tools of the weight loss system.

1. Intro to Jamu, Green Juicing, and Medicinal Salads 

2. Putting together a Daily Practice Plan of tonics, juices and meals.

3.. How to make the Jamu tonics ( natural plant remedies ) for a detox  and protection plan.

4.. How to make medicinal, yet delicious salads using wild herbs ( Ulam ) and vegetables.

5. How to green juice using Jamu, vegetables, herbs and some fruits for maximum nutrition.

6. Creating an eating plan and time schedule for daily meals to ensure effective weight loss.

7. An exercise plan

The Benefits

You will lose weight while learning how to use natural plant medicines as remedies and food. You will be personally guided and supported by Ajuntha every step of the way. This is knowledge you will keep for a life time.

Your Investment

 $800 per person - for 1 month  service, 3 workshops( including material, recipes, formulas and notes ) and 4 personal check -in  on skype or email.

If you are ready to begin your journey, call Ajuntha now:

Contact: 96312957

Email: [email protected]



Cabbage Slaw

Cabbage Slaw

Laksa Salad

Laksa Salad

Smoothie with ginger leaves , rosella buds , banana , papaya and  chocolate.

Spice and herb teas for weight loss.

Spice and herb teas for weight loss.